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The Peer Group Plastic Surgery is a team of dedicated plastic surgeons and a top-notch staff who are all committed to giving every patient the highest levels of care. Our surgeons have a sterling reputation for delivering flawless and enviable cosmetic surgery results as we combine science and art to make patients look and feel their best. While we are listed among the Top Doctors by the media and industry publications, we feel our patients speak the loudest in terms of our reputation. We are thrilled to be able to share some of our patient reviews with you as you prepare to make this important decision regarding plastic surgery.

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Review from M.M.  |  Source: Other  |  Mar 22, 2016

Dear Dr. Colon, A brief survey is inadequate to the task of expressing my appreciation and admiration for the work you did on my revision face lift/ brow lift, and new neck lift. When one has had less than optimal results with a previous practice, placing yourself in the hands of another surgeon is unnerving, While I do not fear surgery, I deeply feared making another error in my choice of surgeon. Thirteen years ago at the age of fifty-three I treated myself to a face lift and brow lift. The reason I chose my first surgeon was largely financial. His prices were low and I was a single mother who felt very guilty spending money on myself. Needless to say, the results of this "bargain" surgery were less than optimal. I experienced asymmetries and pulling from this procedure which, while they were not horrendous, were noticeable enough to cause me distress. The original brow lift did not take and left me with absolutely no results for the expenditure save one slightly higher eyebrow. Furthermore, that procedure left me with a great deal of numbness and a very painful neuroma. The puckered and shriveled look beneath my chin from overdone liposuction, the divots in my jaw line from asymmetrical fat removal, and the excessive removal of fat from my face which left me with a slightly cadaverous look were not hideous but they were the opposite of what one would call improvements. The worst result was the pulling of the musculature surrounding my mouth which over time began to cause noticeable unusual wrinkling and lines in unnatural locations around the lip, mouth, and chin area. Altogether, these things disturbed me greatly. After about seven to ten years the problems became worse due to the natural relaxation of the results. About three years ago I began to look for another surgeon in an attempt to correct the problems. Before I came to Peer Group, I saw three other surgeons. Two did not instill any confidence in me. One performed some fat transplants and Ultherapy but discouraged me from a revision face lift because "you never know what's under there." I have watched enough episodes of Botched to understand that NO surgeon ever knows "what's under there". This fact did not discourage you from taking my case and addressing ALL of the above issues in a decisive and straightforward manner that instilled complete confidence. From the first few days post op I knew I had made the right choice. Whereas I was completely numb all over after my first face lift, feeling returned almost immediately in nearly every part of my face and neck after your work. I experienced years of numbness after my first procedure. With my current results I am certain it will be a much much shorter time until feeling is completely restored. Although I am currently still swollen, I can see that the pulling of the musculature in the mouth area is gone. My smile is natural looking and there is no trace of the lines that were descending down my chin and across my upper lip from the aforementioned pulling of the first face lift. My eyebrows are even and there is definitely a lift to my brow. The neuroma was excised during surgery and the pain it caused is gone. Even more remarkable is that, although I was in surgery nearly seven hours at Peer Group and much more work was done, I am in less pain than I was from my initial two or three hour procedure at the other practice. Amazing! Even my son has commented on the extreme differences from the two experiences with regards to your expertise, your practice, your staff, and the results he observes on my face. I consider the difference in cost between the first practice and The Peer Group to be completely worth it. There are no "bargains" in surgery. If, like myself, a woman considers cost to be an issue, I would suggest that she save a little longer, and get results that will bring her joy and make her feel proud of the face she presents to the world. I would hate to see someone make the mistake I made. Over time, I saved absolutely nothing and added pain and suffering. I cannot tell you how grateful and happy I am that I trusted you. I feel like I have my "real" face back after thirteen years. This is how I wanted to look after my first experience. I did not want "changes", I did not want to look different, I did not want my surgeon to make aesthetic decisions without my consent, I just wanted to look more youthful and refreshed. Now - through your patient listening, clear observations, careful attention to all my concerns, consideration for my wishes, and your obviously superior understanding of facial anatomy - I have exactly the results I hoped for. A major bonus too - I am now sixty-six so the clock has gotten another few turns backwards. I am extremely impressed and appreciative of your expertise. Dr. Colon, this has given me a new lease on life. I am determined to improve my diet and exercise because I know that if I lose weight and experience more sagging (from the overdone liposuction I also submitted myself to years ago), you will be able to address that issue for me as well. I have complete confidence in you. One hundred and ten percent. I cannot believe how fortunate I was in finding you. I would recommend you and The Peer Group to anyone without reservation and I intend to do so. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, M.M. More

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